Why do mugs make popular gift ideas for men? 

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Mugs are a great gift idea, because they're inexpensive, practical and decorative and they can easily be personalized with a photo and text, making them most people's gift of choice. Personalized or unique looking mugs are hugely popular as gift ideas for men because what man wants to share?

He wants his own mug that is for his lips only. In the work place staff or common room, workers will nearly always gravitate towards the same mug or choose to bring in their own.

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This is why the humble MUG is and likely always will be the most popular personalized gift idea for men! The same applies at home, guys just like to have stuff that is uniquely theirs. Keepsake mugs are practical and you can never have enough. I know one Grandpa who has a different mug for each type of beverage which is great for those buying gifts as he can never have enough,

Featured here are some referral links to niche mugs for men along with examples of popular and trending mugs for men ( a variety of unique, unusual, funny, photo, commemorative, sentimental mugs) to help you select the perfect gift mug for a man or teenage boy. Keep scrolling to view them all!

Occasions when you'd gift a man or teenage boy a mug include 

Click on the link to view the mug gift ideas for men in that niche
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Gifts by Man type (for world's greatest, best mugs)

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Funny Mugs For Men

Mugs for Father's Day 

Single Dad Mugs

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Step Dad Mugs 

Dog Dad Mugs

You can gift a dog dad mug for Father's Day or as a unique gift for a man on his birthday or maybe the day he adopts, fosters, takes home his dog or puppy for the first time. I have a great number of popular world's greatest, best Dog Dad mugs, including some which are dog breed specific (AKITA
BEAGLE, DACHSHUND, PITBULL, PUG ) with lovely illustrations of the beloved pooch on the front. All the mugs in this collection can be customized by adding names or other text. You can view the full range of dog dad mugs HERE
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Cat Dad Mugs 

Occupational Themed Mugs for Men 

Retirement Mugs for Men 

Over the Hill, Birthday Mugs for Men 

Co-worker, Boss, Colleague leaving Mugs for Men 

Graduation Mugs for Men, Boys 

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Christmas Mugs for Men 

Congratulations Mugs for Men 

 As you can see just about ANY occasion is perfect for gifting a man a mug!

  • Birthday - add photos of the gift recipient or family. Special milestone birthdays (16th, 21st 40th 50th) are great times to gift a birthday photo mug.
  • Christmas and New Year - as above - Christmas themed mugs may have festive graphics to hilight the holiday season
  • Graduation - add student pics or photos of the graduation ceremony to commemorate the event
  • Retirement - how about a mug with a photo of the team mates they're leaving behind or a fun photo of a work party featuring the retiree.
  • Wedding - add a couple photo and some commemorative text to a single mug or couples mugs (two mugs which fit together).
  • Anniversary - as above with anniversary milestone details, colors, gems.
  • Congratulations - many occasions where you might want to add a congratulatory message to a mug ie. passing exams, driving test etc.
  • Thank You gifts - say thank you to a member of your bridal party (bridesmaid, maid of honor, best man, mother of bride etc. You may also want to thank a teacher, nurse, Doctor, team coach and anyone else you feel deserves a special thank you gift mug.
  • Mother and Father's Day, also Grandparents and other special person days - there are lots of them!
  • Grandson, Granddaughter Photo mugs with poems and messages of love
  • Godchild and Godparent photo mugs gifts at Baptism and Holy Communion etc.
  • World's Best - Dad, Mom, Granddad, Grandma and so on, also these are great with occupations is a popular one!
  • Pet Memorial mug featuring photos of the beloved pet
  • Sympathy, Memorial Mug with a photo of the deceased
  • Birth announcement  add your new baby's photo, birth stats and other keepsake info.

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