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Unique Gift Ideas For Men - Practical, Fun and Personalized

Personalized, Unique and Interest Themed Gifts For Husband, Dad, Boyfriend and more. 

Featured here are my gift ideas for men. I've included in my gift guide a wide variety  of gifts that will appeal to lots of different age ranges and relationship types. Please add your gift idea suggestions in comments as I'm always keen to learn what makes the perfect gift for a man, teenage boy, boyfriend, boss etc. Creative ideas for gifts for men as well as unique and funny gift ideas are encouraged as trends change so do men's interests and tastes, so we need to get this gift buying guide for men down! Let's make it rad!

Click on the images or ENTER here to view unusual personalized, customizable gifts for men available via top print on demand merchant ZAZZLE. Page down for my selection of Amazon gifts for men for specific guys such as grandpa, husband, dad, brother son, teenage boy, baby boy and more. Lots of gift occasions are covered here including birthday, Christmas, retirement, Father's day gifts and lots more.

Dear DADDY Poem From Toddler GiftsFathers Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day is a busy time of year with women buying gifts for their husband from the kids or the kids are old enough to choose the gift themselves. Either way featured here is a wide selection of gifts for the best, greatest, most awesome, rad and cool dads in the world!

You can select a graphic theme you know your dad will enjoy and edit the words shown to reflect your own chosen Father's Day message of love.

These Father's day poem gifts are perfect gifts to dad from their son or daughter who is a toddler. Click on the images to view this adorable 'hold my hand daddy' poem in full. It includes an adult and toddler sized handprint.

Father's Day is your chance to show your father that he's the best dad in the world! Honor your papa with a funny Father's Day personalized mug, world's greatest or number 1 dad t-shirt, a photo gift which incorporates his favorite sport or hobby such as a persnalized photo baseball, basketball, golf ball.

These dad themed neon look wallclocks are great for the dads who have their own mancave whether it be a converted garden shed, conservatory, spare room, garage, loft (attic) or basement space. They look great and be customized further. Loads to choose from, view them all by clicking the images.

DAD Gifts - World's Best, Greatest
DAD Gifts - World's Best, Greatest

Always popular for birthday, Christmas, holidays and Father's day are t-shirts and mugs with the 'world's greatest, best coolest, most rad' written on them! 

These type of gifts are great for the men in the family  ie dad, grandpa, Godfather, uncle, son, nephew, cousin as well as for co-workers and boss. You can change the text as required.

Grillmaster men who love to BBQ will love the personalized aprons.

 photo collage gifts man dad husband grandpaPhoto Gift Ideas For Men

You might also be looking for a gift idea for grandpa from the grandchildren in which case a sentimental photo collage gift featuring the grandkids is a great idea which any grandfather would be proud to receive.

There are lots of great photo gifts for men on Amazon. The mugs are always super popular but you can step out the box and gift a photo baseball or pingpong paddle which is unique and unusual! Gifts for men aren't so hard afterall are they :) not when you have this much choice!

Mens Photo Watch - Add Name - SEE SALES NOW ON!!
Photo watches for men which hold a photo of a new baby, their wife or parents, a whole family photo are great sentimental keepsake gifts for men. There are lots of watch styles to choose from with metal straps or leather, plastic for sporty types.

You can add text and a photo to many of these personalized watches for men. They make great retirement and anniversary gifts.

Photo watches are also great gift ideas for colleagues or co-workers. Swap the photo with a a company logo, brand image instead.

Mens Photo Watch - Add Name
Best Boss Gifts

Male Boss Gift Ideas

What boss doesn't want to be told they are great? These world's greatest boss mugs and other gift items will always be well received, personalized with their name. Flattery will get you everywhere!

Great gift ideas for a male Boss man include mugs, desk nameplates, personalized pens and other stationery items and if they like golf, a monogrammed golfers towel, personalized golf club covers and more. All available via Zazzle!

Gift Ideas for Male Co-worker, Colleague

This range of funny and sarcastic mugs, tshirts, keychains are deal for colleagues who are leaving, going to a new job.

You want to say farewell, goodbye in a way they remember. You can do that with these - some of them will crack you up!!

Examples of funny quotes include: Good luck finding a co-worker as great as me, P*ss off to your new job then!
Cool T Shirts for Men

Funny Quote Gifts For Men - Tshirt

Men love t-shirts and these t-shirts have some trending quotes on them, ideal for husband, boyfriend, dad or Grandpa. Pick a theme they're interested in and add your own funny text or buy as is!

Good occasions to gift a funny t-shirt are retirement, a milestone birthday (50th - over the hill) and for stag do (bachelor) parties etc.

Personalized Gift Ideas For Men

What do you gift the man who has everything? How about something he already has, maybe it's a bit worn but this time it has a monogram, name, brand logo on it making it that bit special.

These sports bags are just one of the man gift items for men that you can personalized to turn them into unique and treasured gifts.I bet your husband doesn't yet have a personalized golf ball! Check out Zazzle and he soon will (assuming of course he plays golf).

  Artisan Made Gifts For Men

Artisan Gifts For Men

Featured via the image link above are a range of artisan and handmade gift items that can be personalized with engraved text and printed or embossed text.

Lots of wonderful, stylish gift ideas for men, whether it be a gift for your dad on Father's day; a colleague, boss or co-workers leaving or retirement gift; a birthday gift for your husband, adult son or brother etc.

Lots of great gifts for men that are practical as well as decorative and commemorative. Gifts include personalized leather wallets and drinks coolers, engraved cuff-links, monogrammed passport holder covers and coasters and more.

Artisan Gift Ideas For men - Personalized

 funny gamer gaming tshirt i paused my game to be here

Gamers, Gaming Gifts For Men and Boys

Men and boys enjoy their gaming, whether it is xbox, ps4 and goodness knows what else, they're obsessed. I know my teenage son is. The game of the moment appears to be 'Fortnite'. Killing and Zombies is always a popular gaming theme.

That said, my son also enjoys building and Minecraft satisfies that urge to be a little more creative. There is a learning component to gaming if as a mum you're worried they spend too much time gaming.

My son has been encouraged to learn game design, programming and I hope one day his mad passion for gaming will be his career. If however you are a gaming widow and are married to a mad gamer husband, you can delight him by helping to create his own gaming den. Convert a spare room, the conservatory or even (ideally for noise pollution) a garden shed .... as far away from the house as possible!

These men get so noisy when they are gaming don't they especially if they're live talking to other gamers. Check out the latest gaming gadgets, games and stuff (I don't know what it is!!) from Amazon here.

Gadget Gifts For Men

Men and boys love their gadgets. Whether it be for DIY, listening to music, watching TV or for sports they appreciate the latest technology gifts and anything that makes life easier and more interesting! I'm quite behind technology wise compared to my kids who talk to 'Alexa' and have her changing lights and putting on music and goodness knows what else. I will show interest when Alexa can vaccuum and make the dinner! EDIT: My son has just informed me 'she can' ... whaaaaat? Apparently she can be hooked up to a vaccuum via bluetooth. Ok, I need to check this out!! Meanwhile here are some awesome gadget gifts for men and boys and just maybe one for mom ;)

Personalized Keepsake, special occasion gifts for Sons

Gift your son something they can keep for a special commemorative occasion/ Add their name, date and a special message.

Gifts for Brother- Personalized

Your brother is one of a kind. Show him how much you love and appreciate him with one of these awesome best brother ever gifts. For alternative gift ideas consider your brothers age, his interests and your budget to decide on a suitable gift. A sentimental gift from bro to bro or from sister to brother might be something engraved or personalized with printed text. This could be anything from a beer class to a leather wallet.

Gifts for Grandpa- Personalized

Granpa's love gifts from their grandchildren that include photos of themselves (grandchild) or their own artwork, and that is regardless of whether the grandson or granddaughter is a child or an adult! To your grandfather you will always be young. Outside of this they enjoy gifts which compliment their interests and that might be a new fishing rod, some carpentry tools, a book on gardening. If they enjoy music an updated music device. They get a lot of socks and slippers so think outside the box this year!


Personalized Mancave, Bar, Den Wallclocks for Men! Great Gift Idea - Neon

If your husband or dad is a very lucky man then he has his own mancave! 

And in that mancave or den there will almost certainly be a makeshift bar or home bar for him to serve his guests a spirit or a beer! Check out these personalized wall clocks for mancaves, dens and home bars which have a neon style theme. Add his name to make this a great gift for the man in your life! These clocks are available from Zazzle, world's number one leader in print on demand gifts! Get yours now while the sales are on and in time for Christmas.


Gift Ideas For Older Men

Unique and Unusual Gifts for an older Man - personalized gadgets, sporting items, retirement tributes and more

The older man might well 'have everything', so what do you buy him? If he's your husband you may have a pretty good idea of what he wants for his birthday or Christmas but if he's your dad, boss or boyfriend it might be trickier! Men like practical gifts that look great, add to their enjoyment, comfort and are the 'latest' model. With all that in mind check out my unique and unusual gift ideas for men, whether he be husband, father, colleague, brother, bestie, there's a gift here for him.
  • Over The Hill Birthday Kit
  • Merchant:Gifting Inc
  • Description:This over the hill birthday kit is a sensational creation for your favorite bithday star celebrating that milestone year! Sure to bring squeals and laughs of joy this exclusive kit includes: Black gloss gift box (measures 6x6x6)Fabric Over The Hill hat
  • Price: $44.91
  • Over The Hill Birthday Basket
  • Merchant:Gifting Inc
  • Description:That over-the-hill birthday will be lots of fun when the Over The Hill gift basket arrives. A tombstone towers over cookies, "over the hill" pills, an "over the hill" mug, lots of goodies as well as the Victims Guide to Birthdays book. Don't miss the "o
  • Price: $70.04

  • Motorcycle Man Gift Basket
  • Description:A collection of motorcycle themed accessories including a mug, picture frame, bandana and gourmet treats for the motorcycle enthusiast on your list.
  • Price: $94.99
  • Personalized Cigar Flask
  • Description:This classy stainless steel cigar flask combo is a popular groomsman gift that can be personalized with two lines of text.
  • Price: $32.70
  • Bubinga Valet Box
  • Merchant:Modern Artisans
  • Description:Handmade in the USA, this Valet Box is handcrafted with heirloom-quality hardwood bubinga. The handsome lid is kewazingo wood, a burled form of bubinga expertly cut to reveal the wood's swirling pattern.
  • Price: $329.99
  • Upcycled Metal Lucky Horse Key Hook
  • Merchant:Modern Artisans
  • Description:Sculpted entirely of recycled and recovered metals, the lucky horse hook keeps your keys or leashes tidy while adding whimsical personality to your space!
  • Price: $39.99
  • Wood Pocket Compass - Padauk Wave
  • Merchant:Modern Artisans
  • Description:Handcrafted in the USA of suave reddish-brown padauk wood, this little box possesses a sliding lid to reveal a protected glass compass. With a size of 2-inches, the box slides perfectly into your pocket.
  • Price: $22.99
  • Handcrafted Bronze Bomb Money Clip
  • Merchant:Modern Artisans
  • Description:Forged by hand in the USA, this money clip is embellished with an old-fashioned bomb image, fashioned in layers of hand-cut bronze to create a raised, 3-dimensional likeness.
  • Price: $59.99
  • Engraved Stainless Steel Army Knife
  • Description:This handsome stainless steel army knife can be engraved with your groomsmen and best man's initials or name.
  • Price: $23.39
  • Personalized Carbon Fiber Pen
  • Description:Your days of doodling his name in pink marker may be behind you, but you've a lifetime of pairing his last name with yours ahead of you.
  • Price: $28.33
  • Monogrammed Cufflinks
  • Description:Personalized sterling silver cufflinks make wonderful groomsmen's gifts. Customize with a monogram.
  • Price: $28.39
  • Personalized Wood Humidor
  • Description:This handsome stainless steel army knife can be engraved with your groomsmen and best man's initials or name.
  • Price: $68.95
  • Burl Walnut and Sapele Wood Men's Valet
  • Merchant:Modern Artisans
  • Description:Handmade in the USA, this men's Valet Box is handcrafted with heirloom-quality hardwood sapele and burled walnut.
  • Price: $199.99
  • Personalized Handmade Bottle Opener
  • Merchant:pinkEpromise
  • Description:Stainless Steel engraved bottle opener! Personalize a name or a sentiment! This is your time to get creative!
  • Price: $17.99
  • Premium Gourmet Fruit and Nuts Gift Chest
  • Description:Assembled in an attractive wood chest these healthy nut and fruit snacks are full of flavor and oh so delicious.
  • Price: $74.99
  • Personalized Klondike Folding Lockback Knife with Flashlight
  • Description:Personalized Klondike Lockback Knife is the ideal gift for your favorite fisherman, hunter or camper. The handy man on your list will appreciate this sturdy Klondike lockback knife. Great for hunting, fishing or camping trips, this compact knife features
  • Price: $20.79
  • Handyman's Snack Gift Box
  • Description:Perfect gift for Mr. Fixit features a reusable tool box! A great gift for all those handy guys and girls! This gift is specifically designed to get all those over due Honey-do jobs completed. Mr. or Mrs. Fixit will love this gift tote! Gift Basket Conte
  • Price: $44.99
  • Man United Gift - Top Scorers Unisex T-Shirt
  • Merchant:Redbubble
  • Description:Unisex t-shirt. The top scorers from Manchester United FC. The footballer is made up of the names of the top scoring players - look close!Multiple colours - multiple products: Postcards, greeting cards, clothes (lads and ladies), iPad cases, iPhone cases,
  • Price: $19.90
  • 70 Year Old Birthday Funny Senior Man or Woman Gift Classic T-Shirt
  • Merchant:Redbubble
  • Description:Classic t-Shirt. An awesome novelty graphic tee that reads This Is What An Awesome 70 Year Old Looks Like in English text with two thumbs pointing up! Any grandad, grandpa or grandma born in 1947 will love this funny shirt gag!A fun retirement gift idea y
  • Price: $26.53
  • Man Cave Black Flask & Shot Cups Gift Set
  •'s and Bridegroom Gifts
  • Description:Executive Gift Shoppe offers a unique selection of personalized gifts for men and women. We offer free personalization, free next day shipping over $25 and a lifetime satisfaction and performance guarantee so you can shop with confidence.
  • Price: $29.00
  • Personalized Name Mug Custom Cup Good Gift for Man
  • Merchant:Zazzle
  • Description:This customizable Personalized Name Mug Custom Cup Good Gift for Man is designed on the mug and would interest those who like personalised, personalized mug, coffee cup, custom, customized, mug, and cup stuff.
  • Price: $16.85
  • Special Man Dad Gift Box
  • Description:This unique gift box created just for Dad says it all... Carefully and expertly assembled by hand, this elegant gift box is sure to make a long lasting impression of thoughtfulness to your Dad. You know how special he is, show him how much you appreciate
  • Price: $59.99
  • Men At Work Gift Set
  • Description:A Great Gift for Dad's Birthday or Fathers Day. Get your handyman this fabulous gift bucket! Mr. Fix-it is sure to get all those old chores or projects out of the way. Content Include: Mr. Fix It Paint Bucket Mr. Fix It Pistachios Jelly Belly Jelly Bea
  • Price: $39.99
  • The Man Can Spa Gift
  • Description:De-stress and pamper hardworking employees and clients with this all-inclusive spa basket featuring an array of popular Burt's Bees natural products. De-stress and pamper hardworking employees and clients with this all-inclusive spa basket featuring an ar
  • Price: $54.95
  • Old School BBQ Heavy Duty Canvas Apron
  • Merchant:Modern Artisans
  • Description:Crafted of heavy-weight cotton canvas, this manly grilling apron features industrial stitching, metal rivets and grommets, and vegan leather neck strap.
  • Price: $47.99
  • Engraved Silver Plated Yo-Yo
  • Description:Classy engraved yo-yo makes a perfect personalized keepsake and attendant's gift for groomsmen, ring bearers and ushers.
  • Price: $27.30
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Funny Over The Hill Gifts For Him

By Brandonn Johnson 

Cheers to the Men Who Made It

Men who have made it made their mark in history. If you could, what would you give Albert Einstein, Dwight Eisenhower, George Patton, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, and Auguste Renoir? You'd give them something they'd appreciate most, sort of personalized gifts for men with great accomplishments.

You'd give Einstein a fast-cracking calculator; Eisenhower, a word processor; Patton, spyglasses; Sinatra, a sing-along gizmo; Elvis, a jeweled tunic; and Renoir, a whole block of whitewalls for his art. The gifts are, of course, personalized, suited to their talents.

With these kinds of track records in their respective careers, these men deserve the kudos they deserve. Not every man can make it to this level of prestige; hence, they are honored for overcoming their circumstances to give their contributions to humanity and to succeed.

Ordinary Heroes

For ordinary mortals like your golfer dad, you would give him a set of golf clubs (if you had the money) and round trip tickets to Hawaii for your boss who is retiring. These men deserve the best you can afford, right? But if you are not flushed, then there are still gifts you'd be proud to give because these will be greatly appreciated.

Personalized gifts are gifts that reflect the passion and interests of the receiver. Choosing the right gift for your dad, boss, husband, or brother will not require much brain picking, as you have known them long enough to know what sets their adrenalin running.

The everyday heroes who make it deserve the same accolade you would give the famous ones who've left their footprints behind. With the abundance of gift items to choose from, make a selection that is truly reflective of the man you want to honor. If you don't have money to burn, you need not worry that you can't get your men Lamborghinis to show how much you admire them.

Gifts That Tell Them They're Great

If schedules permit, you can have a day off to connect with your dad, husband, and brother. Take your dad out to his favorite fishing ground, rent a small boat, and relax while he does the fishing. Have a dinner out under the stars with your husband and surprise him with a Cross Pen, or give your brother a break and babysit his kids while he and his wife have a date.

These are the gifts of time, which cannot be calculated in dollars. But if you have no time to spare because there's work and more work to do, get those lovable gifts online. Your men will love them equally as they would your gift of time.

Personalized gifts don't mean that you'll have all of these engraved with the men's names. You're choosing items that the men can use, wear, or add up to their favorite collections:

* Passport covers

* Golf gifts

* Leather money clips

* Designer cufflinks

* Swiss Army knives

* CDs of their favorite rock or pop icons

No matter their age, men who are in the prime of their lives will always love thoughtful gifts anytime and anywhere.

Earn the approval and appreciation of established men with carefully thought of personalized gifts for men. Make sure to visit today!
Get more information regarding personalized gifts for men [].

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